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My new fine art print in homage to my Granny! I pressed these special flowers in February the day before my lovely granny Margaret passed away. We knew she was sick so I thought how special would it be to walk to her garden in the sun to pick & press some flowers from her garden for me & my family to have forever as a memory of both my granny & her beautiful garden which she adored and cared for so well often along side my grandad P.J. She was always so proud of her garden & it brought her so much joy all throughout her life & each year to see everything bloom. 
I had been trying to make this piece for the last few weeks but found it very emotional so I took my time with it. Today I finished it & got it professionally photographed for Fine Art Printing. 
My granny Margaret was also self employed & worked very hard she always encouraged me on my flower journey & was so giving in sharing anything from her garden that I wanted to press. She was a huge inspiration in my life and I think she would really love this print - Granny’s Garden.

Grannys Garden

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