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  • Do you press Wedding Bouquets?
    Yes, we specialise in pressing bridal bouquets and have worked with hundreds of brides. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about getting your bridal bouquet pressed send us an email, we would love to hear from you.
  • How far in advance should I book to get my wedding Bouquet pressed?
    To avoid dissapointment we recommend booking as soon as you have your wedding date set. If you would like to enquire about availability, please send us an email.
  • How long do the flowers take to press?
    The process of pressing flowers generally takes 10-12 weeks, to ensure the flowers are fully pressed and have no moisture left in the petals. We will send you an email when we take your flowers out of the press to book your consultation, this way we can show you how your flowers turned out and it will help you to decide what colour mount-board and frame will work well with your flowers.
  • How do I care for my flowers until drop off or postage?
    It is essential that you only water your flowers by putting them in a vase of water, so they can drink the water from the bottom. Please do not water the flowers from the top by splashing, spraying or pouring water on them. It is best to store the flowers in a room temperature environment. Do not put them in a cold room, fridge or freezer. If you are asking a family member or a friend to drop off or post the flowers to us on your behalf, please share this information with them as if they are cared for incorrectly it can damage them and effect the finished piece.
  • How soon after the wedding do you need my flowers?
    We would need the flowers ideally 2 days after the wedding if possible, but as long as it's not longer than 5 days after they will be ok. We have worked with older bouquets in the past, just pop us an email and we can see if we can press your lovely bouquet.
  • I am not from Limerick, can I still get my wedding bouquet pressed?
    Yes of course, we work with brides from all over the country and the world! You will be able to post your flowers to our workshop and when it is time for your consultation, we have the option to do it via zoom. Once your lovely piece is ready, we can have it couriered straight to your door.
  • What are the best flowers for pressing?
    From working with brides over the last 4 plus years, we have noticed some flowers press much better than others. We have included a list of some of them below. We have also noticed that colours can impact how the flowers press. Most all white bridal bouquets do not press that well whereas cerise, orange, purple, greens, burgundy, red, yellow and pinks often tend to press better. Eucalyptus, sweet pea, orange, pink or red roses, astrantia major, red purple pink or orange spray roses, broom, thistle, helleboures, senecio, pampas grass, fountain grass, babys breath, lavender, anenomes, ranunculus, ferns, skimmia, fennell, fatsia leaf, stock, delphinium & astilbe.
  • How do pressed flowers age?
    Pressed flowers may change colour slightly over time depending on the type of flower. If they are kept in direct sunlight they may change colour also. But once the flowers are pressed they will stay preserved and keep their shape, size and texture.
  • I have placed an order for click and collect, do I need to make an appointment to collect my order?
    Yes, the studio is open by appointment from Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.
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