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Your wedding day is the most magical and special day of your life. Let us press your beautiful bouquet and create a bespoke piece of art that you can keep forever in your home to cherish.



Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Secure your appointment with a €250.00 booking deposit before booking your Flower Drop Off time. 



Book your 5-minute Flower Drop Off appointment to have your flowers pressed and preserved for a lifetime of memories.



Get excited to pick up your beautiful Bridal Bouquet by studio appointment which is the perfect opportunity for you to collect your beloved press. 

Our Designs and Prices

95A92B7B-E85A-4111-A4DF-1BE941DF7091 copy.jpg

Circle of Love

A1 size.jpeg

The Eternal Oval

Nell new piece.jpg

Meadow of Romance

Nell - new bridal bouquet.tif

Wildflower Dreams


Landscape 30x20"

Square 16x16"


Here's how it works: 


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! Please follow our step to step guide. Once you have paid the deposit fee to secure your time and date, please book your Flower Drop Off time. We will put your special date in our diary.


Start preserving your special moments today. We will need to receive your bouquet within 5 days for best results, the sooner the better as your flowers will start to wilt which can affect the flowers ability to press as well as the finished piece. Please note, if you or a family member or friend are dropping off the flowers remember to only water them by placing them in a vase of water so they can drink from the bottom. Avoid watering them from the top by splashing, spraying, or pouring water on them. Store the flowers in a room temperature room and avoid putting them in a cold room, fridge, or freezer to keep them fresh and vibrant.

 It will take 16 weeks for us to press your beautiful bouquet. Everything is hand pressed and handmade in our Studio.

We do not rush nature or the artwork so we thank you in advance for your understanding!

Get excited to pick up your beautiful order at Pressed Flowers By Nell! Whether it's a custom art piece, your pressed bridal bouquet, or an online order, our studio appointment is the perfect opportunity for you to collect your beloved items. We can't wait to see you!​

We do recommend ordering in advance just in case we're fully booked!

We are taking bookings for 2024, 2025 and 2026.Please note this booking deposit is non-refundable.

If you have any unanswered questions, please send us an email or have a look at our FAQ!

We are so proud to announce Pressed Flowers By Nell is Award Winning Wedding Artist of The Year, Brides of Munster Magazine Industry Awards 2023!
We couldn't have done it without all of our wonderful brides and we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and show our recognition for your continued support. Thanks to everyone who voted and to thank our community of loyal brides as without you all, this wouldn't be possible.
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