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Corporate/Independent Events

If you're looking for a fun unique way to engage your staff, co-workers, friends or family look no further than our wonderful variety of fine art workshops! Indulge in the wonderful and whimsical world of pressed flower art and learn some new relaxing skills which promote mindfulness and creativity! 



As we here at Pressed Flowers by Nell are a small independent business, our workspace and studio/store reflect this compact space. In regards to venue, we as a business are able to facilitate a very minor number of participants when hosting these workshops/classes. Our maximum number of attendees able to to be facilitated within our building is 10. We do however, work with external venues when hosting these wonderful workshops/classes. Some venues which we would highly recommend are 101, House and Habit Lounge which are all found within Limerick City Centre. The maximum occupancy for these venues will vary, please note that these venues and the organisation of such is independent to the booking of our hosted workshops in relation to price, communication, terms and conditions. Alternatively, we are able to facilitate workshops and classes in external venues/counties (homes, business's, offices etc). If opting for our services to be hosted within your establishment/building, additional costs for travel and transportation of materials will incur. These additional costs will vary depending on length/location of travel, time of travel etc. 

Previous Events

Flower Crown Workshop

House, Limerick

Creating some fashionable and beautiful flower crowns with this wonderful attendees for such a special and joyous occasion.


Fine Art, Artwork Workshop

Pressed Flowers by Nell, Limerick

Whimsical Pressed Flower, Fine Art workshop! Working with some amazing attendees to create these beautiful and unique framed, fine art pieces! 


Pressed Flowers by Nell, Limerick

Collaborative Workshops

We would also like you to know that we are open to collaborative ideas for workshops/events! We have previously been involved in a variety of diverse events such as Pressed Flower artwork creation combined with a relaxing Yoga session with the wonderful Rachel of Libra Yoga!


Fine Art, Card and Bookmark Workshop

Pressed Flowers by Nell, Limerick

Creating some amazing gifts and mementos with some wonderful participants! Teaching coined techniques and skills as well as making some fabulous keepsakes!

Take a look at just some of our wonderfully happy customers below, if you would like to get involved with the fabulous and whimsical art-form of flower pressing and pressed flower art simply get in touch by using the box provided below as we would be delighted to hear from you!

Corporate and Team Building Events Contact;

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